You're privacy is the big threat


I thought this was another good Bond film. It was pretty solid and I feel like a lot of people might feel it was a little lack luster and not too exciting. I think that this sentiment is due to the fact that villains and threats are now boring. I mean the bad guys in this were threatening but when it's a threat that has become apart of everyday life and what you might feel is normal. Normal will always seem boring.

We've all pretty much given up our privacy. If we're on the Internet or use any app we've given up our privacy so the plot really doesn't feel like the big laser on the moon pointed at us ready to destroy it all. We've gotten so used to people watching us, we've given up a lot of our civil liberties so when Blowfeld threatens even the good guys don't care. Side note, tt was nice to see the Blowfeld origin story.

I think it's getting pretty hard these days to get the old traditional villain to seem threatening. Should be interesting to see where this franchise takes the next few films.

I enjoyed this Bond film and you will too, 4 stars