The worst Belize vacation ever that you must watch

First off I'm a huge fan of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix as the future of content creation. We've been cord cutters for a couple of years now. Both Netflix and Amazon have the direct connection to the end user and all the data on what we all like and watch. It allows them to create content customized to our tastes. Here's a much better post by Tomasz Tunguz on the future.

Amazon Prime Video has been creating pilots and get feedback from audiences on creating the tv series. After watching the Mad Dogs pilot for free with my Amazon Prime subscription I was hooked! It's based on a UK created show by Cris Cole. The bad part about the pilots is that you have to wait for the show to be created. After that first episode it was hard to wait till the full release on Jan 22.

The show is about a group of 4 lifelong friends who travel to their successfully rich friends home in Belize. I can't really say much more or I will spoil it or give it away you just have to watch. But what turns out to be a relaxing week vacation with friends in beautiful Belize turns into the worst possible vacation you couldn't even think of. Each episode is action packed and funny with some great dramatic moments. Oh and did I mention it gets even worse for the gang each episode than the last. The show really plays well on the relationship of these 4 friends and how life has changed them and this trip will truly change them.

The series is actually shot in Puerto Rico and the locations are stunning. The back and forth between each character is awesome and it's just a great show that keeps you guessing and watching. Recommend you clear your calendar and binge on this show. It's free to Amazon Prime subscribers. Must watch TV!