Short housing and profit, but who loses

The Big Short

Michael Lewis does it again with another awesome book The Big Short now made to a movie! I really, really liked this movie. Watch it, you will not be disappointed. Everyone was great in this film about 2007 mortgage collapse. Steve Carell should get an Oscar this time and Ryan Gosling was awesome with his performance. I need to now read this book.

Tell me the difference between stupid and illegal and I'll have my wife's brother arrested. - Jarred Vennett

If you know very little about what happened during the housing meltdown this movie does a great job of trying to explain how dumb and criminal the bankers and government,were in the process. Sad part is very few of them were prosecuted but millions of people were financially hurt.

While you are excited for the few that saw the pattern like Michael Burry and Mark Baum who stuck it to the banks and placed bets against the housing market to make huge profits. Overall you are still left with a sick feeling that the profit comes at other people's misery. This is the main quandary of the film and it does a great job of putting you right in between the morality of it all. I feel as if it wouldn't be such a moral issue if the bankers and government officials behind it all were actually punished.

Very well done and interesting movie, Highly recommend it 5 stars