People can be so heroic and amazing

The Finest Hours

I was able to get my old-timey Cape Coder on last night at the prescreen of Disney’s "The Finest Hours". I was raised on Cape Cod and didn't leave until after high school. On my return I started a web development business with Leslie. Being a little older and a business owner allowed me to explore my location and discover more of the Cape's history. My appreciation of the area grew. One story I hadn’t heard about was that of US Coast Guardsman Bernie Webber. He's the inspiration for the book by Michael Tougias and Casey Sherman and now the movie, "The Finest Hours".

What an amazing story of heroism during one of the most daring Coast Guard rescues in history! It happened during a blizzard in 1952 off the coast of Chatham on Cape Cod. I default to the word 'amazing' because I'm at a loss for how else to describe what Bernie and the small crew did that day to try to save lives on a sinking oil tanker. Anyone that would go out on command into the face of death to save others is astoundingly heroic. That this actually happened, dramatic license notwithstanding, boggles the mind.

The movie was quite well done, in keeping with Disney's usual high standards. Chris Pine delivers a great New England accent. The 3D aspect of the movie was also surprisingly good. In my experience 3D started out very gimmicky, but now in a few recent 3D movies I’ve seen it is well executed and its seamless incorporation doesn’t take away from the story. 3D has finally made good on its early promise to add depth, realism, and immediacy to our entertainment.

It’s always fun to see a movie shot in a place you're familiar with and on locations you've been to. I think it’s even more fun to see that location transformed into a bygone era so you can see "firsthand" how it was back then. Overall, "The Finest Hours" was exciting, though not overly intense, that I very much enjoyed. Like many engaging movies, it keeps you questioning yourself "would, or could, I have done that?". I think it’s a great movie for all ages and I highly recommend it.

The movie is opening in theaters tomorrow January 29th