If you aren’t planning for retirement, though I hope you are, read this

If you're planning to retire at some point in your life, and even if you aren’t, then you should be reading Chris Hogan’s first book Retired Inspired. I pre-ordered my copy at Amazon before Christmas and it arrived not too long after. I had heard about Chris Hogan from listening to the Dave Ramsey Show. As a huge fan of Dave and the show, I'm aware that Chris has been working with him and talking retirement for some time now.

Tangent alert: In my household, we're allergic to debt, are philosophically opposed to it, and refuse to let it enslave our lives. Sorry if I wasn't clear, I hate debt. We have been debt free for almost 10 years. So, if you're in debt and haven’t heard of Dave Ramsey, you should check it out. For more than 20 years, he's been on a successful mission to get millions of people out of debt. He's also the New York Times best selling author of Total Money Makeover and Financial Peace University (which I highly recommend if you're trying to dump debt). Dave's outstanding podcast and radio show will have you hooked within your first hour of listening.

Though I’ve always been reasonably smart with money, in the last few years I’ve gotten significantly more serious and focused personal finances, particularly as I look toward retirement. I will discuss some of my personal retirement plans in future posts. "Retirement is not an age but a financial number” is a new perspective to me and is a concept that Chris Hogan illustrates particularly well in Retire Inspired.

This should be required reading for anyone over 18. It's basically a life manual. No matter the stage of your retirement planning this book handles every aspect without being too complicated or over your head. Chris tells great stories of his experiences working with folks helping them prepare for life. Get Retired Inspired, read it, do it plan your retirement dream in HD.

Book #2 is complete, next up another Michael Lewis novel.