Brooklyn is an exquisite movie and here’s why

Had the pleasure of seeing a prescreen for the movie Brooklyn tonight, it was a packed theater and well figured I would try to write something in a new way. The 3 reasons Brooklyn is such a charmingly great movie and you must see it:

A screenplay done amazingly well

While I haven’t read Colm Tóibín novel by the same name, I know that it’s very tricky to take a novel and make it work for film. Nick Hornby translates what must be a great novel into an amazing screenplay. When mixed with John Crowley's wonderful directing it has some of the best dialogue, interactions, and story. Nick Hornby also wrote other favorites like High Fidelity and Wild so he knows how to tell a great story of love and self journey.

Beautiful film making

Each scene is directed so beautifully and with such care and feeling that not one detail was missed. You see and feel what it was like in Ireland and Brooklyn in the 1950’s. The clothing, sounds, and locations all work so well to paint this picture and tell this story. I love this time period of the early 50’s vintage style.

Saoirse Ronan and Emory Cohen

Saoirse is a great actress and this is the perfect role for her to shine. She’s in many other great films but this is one where she has a wonderful story and supporting cast to match her talent. My favorite moments are when she is paired up with Emory Cohen. Magic happens and you get these moments that you can just feel. Together they produce feelings of fear, joy, and sadness that just make this film special. You feel Saoirse’s internal battle between her home of Ireland and family and her new love and life with Emory in America. Keep an eye on Emory this role has him sensitive, cute, and adorable. This is a break out for him and will create plenty of fans.

Just a wonderful movie with great wit and charm. Highly recommend you find the select theatres that are showing this film: 5 stars.

Brooklyn In select theaters November 5, 2015