Blogging is hard so I'm going to try writing

With all the available tools to make blogging easy, blogging is hard. The problem is not really using Wordpress, Blogger, Ghost, Medium, or fill in the blank blogging tool. The hard part and problem is putting your thoughts into the tools and pressing that publish button.

I've tried so many times to create a blog even before there was such a thing as blogging. There are so many reasons why I've failed in the past. It's been a combination of consistently sticking to it and writing even when you don't want to write and feeling like I need to have something interesting and witty to say. While I'd like nothing more to entertain and have something profound to say every time this time around I don't plan to hold myself to such pressures. This time around this will be for myself, to get thoughts down documented and see if it helps to learn and grow.

My plan is to write and find my voice, so watch out. I will have some deep and not so deep thoughts. I will write about food, which I love. I will write about TV shows and movies which I watch and also love. I will occasionally write about tech, work and entrepreneurism. I will take from my life experiences and just write. This will be my testing area and things that really work I'll move up and publish to my Medium page.