80’s Style Post Apocalyptic Indie Films are Great Fun!

Turbo Kid

Let me first start by saying Turbo Kid looks like a kids movie and stars a couple of kids but is no way for kids unless it’s the 1980’s kid in you. The Canadian-New Zealand film is a great nostalgic like action adventure film us kids of the 80’s would have grown up with like The Goonies. I love the style of the film, music and costumes.

This is my gnome stick. — Apple

Then the blood and guts start flying and it turns into some type of horror classic like the Bad Taste and Evil Dead. The budget on this film must of been half spend on blood. There are some great creative killings and moments. Also for fans of tiny easter eggs this film has a bunch.

Our hero the kid played by Munro Chambers scavenges the land scrounging up various junk to spend on Turbo Man Comics. Of course the area is ruled by a tyrannical overlord played by Michael Ironside. Anyhow I don’t want to give too much away but the action starts quick. There’s a lot of great comedy mixed with gross blood and guts horror action. If you’re into something like the cult Peter Jackson classic Bad Taste, then you will love this film. It was a very unique film, I enjoyed it.

Recommend this if you’re looking for something fun, bloody and nostalgic 4 stars.